UC Counselor Conference Fall 2021

Yesterday was the first day of the UC Counselor Conference. The past 18 months have brought unprecedented changes, one of them being an increase in the number of applications received resulting in even lower acceptance rates. UC Berkeley saw a 28% increase in 1st-year applications. They stated that test-free admissions and the ability to reach more students virtually contributed to this. Santa Barbara received 105K applications admitting only 27K of those. The average admitted GPA was 4.22. UC Irvine had similar results receiving 108K apps, admitting 31K students resulting in a 29% admit rate. Very few appeals were granted across the board with Berkeley granting only 9 of 1647 requested.

The entire UC system will remain test-free (they do not consider standardized tests like the ACT and SAT even if submitted) through 2024.

Students are slowly returning to campus, vaccinations and masks included.

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