Some UC Campus Will Take More In-State Students

There is good news for students who want to attend UC Berkeley, UCLA or UCSD thanks to a newly approved California state budget that will require them to take 900 fewer out-of-state students beginning in 2022 and lasting through 2025. The number of nonresident students at these campuses will be limited to 18% of the student body. It was previously 23%. Out-of-state tuition is higher than in-state so to offset some of the loss, Berkeley, UCLA and UCSD will receive $184M from the state of California. You can read more in UC Berkeley's newspaper, The Daily Californian here.

Assemblyman Kevin McCarty (D., Sacramento) who is chair of the Education Finance Committee said this will allow for approximately 4,500 more California students. The past admissions year was especially tough with a record-breaking number of applications due partially to the standardized testing requirement going away. Many parents were surprised and angry their students were denied a spot on a UC campus. This year's cycle may not be much different.

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