Coronavirus and College Campus Tours

In response to the Coronavirus, colleges across the nation are moving to virtual learning, many campuses even sending students home for the duration of the semester. This move impacts not just current students but prospective students as well.

High school seniors are making final decisions on which college to attend next fall. High school juniors have flights and hotel rooms booked for college visits this spring. While online research and virtual tours can’t replicate in-person experiences there are however abundant resources available for students to compare and evaluate colleges from home. Here are a few options:

Virtual Tours

Did you know many colleges offer virtual tours on their websites? Campus Reel offers virtual tours of more than 300 colleges.

YouVisit is another resource with over 600 colleges listed. 

Social Media

Most colleges have Facebook groups for admitted students. Join their online community to connect with other students and stay updated on the latest discussions. Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are also good resources for news and updates about colleges.

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