Choosing Senior Year Courses

February is when high school students choose their classes for senior year. Many students are unsure of what classes to select. It's important to take as rigorous of a course load as they feel they can handle. By taking AP classes and doing well, they will increase their GPA which will help when applying to colleges during the regular application period. It won't help with any college to which they are applying early action or early decision, however. Some colleges like to see a fourth year of science or even a fourth year of a foreign language. Taking a fifth year of math will also be looked on favorably. The best place to look to see what a college requires is its website. Most colleges are quite clear about what they require to be considered for admission.

Generally, colleges consider AP courses more rigorous than dual credit courses taken at a university. AP classes are college-level classes and can be challenging. When in doubt, students should meet with their counselor.

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