Athletes Allowed to Profit From Their Name, Image and Likeness

A law allowing athletes to be compensated for their status by using their name, image and likeness has been signed by California's governor Gavin Newsom and will go into effect in 2023. Fair Pay to Play, as it was named, prevents the NCAA from disqualifying players for contact with promoters who compensate them for using their name and image. Under the law, they cannot be paid by the university, however. One of the concerns is how will student athletes be protected from agents who promise things they may not be able to deliver. Are parents and coaches prepared to protect these amateur athletes and their futures? Are they equipped to decipher the contracts? Will there be more scandals involving those who want to profit from the student's names? And what about the money they will earn? Who will monitor how they spend it? Will it detract from their studies? These are just a few of the concerns. Later in October, the association’s group will deliver their recommendations. For now, we can only speculate how this will affect our young athletes.

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