Apply for Scholarships now

December is a great time for high school students to look for scholarships. Start looking for scholarships with a Google search for local scholarships or scholarships specific to your heritage. Your high school's website is the next place to look at. Email your school counselor and ask where you can find a list of last year's scholarships. Check the colleges you have applied to for major-specific scholarships. Many are for returning students, but it may be worth looking. Ask your parents if the company they work for offer scholarships. Nearly every credit union has scholarships for high school seniors. Parents or the student could join a credit union with only a small deposit and then be eligible to apply. There are hundreds of web search engines for merit money. Things to know:

You should NEVER have to pay to apply for a scholarship (don't give your credit card).

Pay attention to deadlines.

You will be writing essays. Try to use them for multiple scholarships.

Keep copies of what you submit.

Most colleges do not require you to fill out the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) but they will tell you they would like you to. Good luck!

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