Applerouth Testing reports ACT will allow online testing

Computer-Based Testing (CBT)

The last big change coming in September 2020 is that domestic students will have the option to take the full ACT online rather than on paper. Students outside the U.S. have been taking their ACTs electronically for several years now, but domestic test dates have been paper-only, with the exception of test sites that have been used for CBT trial runs. The CBT option will work the same way as the section retests in terms of registration: students will search for an online-equipped testing site for the test date they are interested in and select a site based on availability and proximity. According to the webinar hosts, ACT is currently assessing the number of online-equipped testing sites that they will need. It’s unknown how many students could be served by these sites on a given test date. 

Just like section retests, the CBT test will be identical in terms of length, time, and difficulty to the paper test being given at the same time. The platform will include a number of tools, like highlighters and line readers. The real benefit of CBT is the score turnaround time. Currently, it takes about two weeks for paper ACT scores to come back; the CBT option will provide scores in two business days

Students who are interested in practicing for the ACT’s online platform should visit ACT Academy for practice problems and test sections. For more information about these upcoming changes, visit ACT’s Resources page here

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