ACT Will Allow Section Retake 2020

Historically, if students want to try to improve their score by taking the ACT a second time, they have had to take the entire test. On Oct 8, 2019 the ACT announced that beginning with the September 2020 test date, if students have taken the ACT at least once, they can retake a single section (english, math, reading, science and/or writing) and will have the option to take it online or on paper. Only certain test centers will have the online option and the ACT has not yet announced which locations. Eventually all may offer this option. Online testing will give students faster results. Another new addition to ACT testing, is that a superscore will be calculated by the ACT so colleges can choose to use the student's best scores from all tests taken rather than a single test. Colleges will see all test results including any lower scores which may help eliminate students retaking sections of the ACT multiple times in order to get the best score possible. This is good news for students and may steer more students toward taking the ACT instead of the SAT.

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