College Acceptances

Many colleges have rendered their decisions, and while some students are elated with their options, many are disappointed they did not get into their top schools. Once again, we are seeing acceptance rates even lower than last year at these schools. As it becomes increasingly difficult to gain admission to the top schools, students are applying to more colleges, which drives down the acceptance rate even further. I express to my students that they were not rejected, but that the colleges simply chose other applicants based on the schools needs at that time, also for other reasons that we will never know. There are so many well-qualified kids that apply to the top schools. For every qualified applicant, there are thousands of other applicants that look just like theirs

, especially at the University of California schools. It's difficult for students who have worked so hard, to have their dreams crushed. I tell them that it's not where they go to college that will make the difference in their future, but what they do when they are there.

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