Paying for College

In my initial meeting with a student and their parents, I ask the question, "Have you talked about how you will pay for college?" Most of them, say yes but a few have never discussed where the money will come from. College is a privilege and a right. Careful planning will help your child become financially independent, sooner. Parents should begin saving when their child is born. Students should be expected to contribute something with their earnings from work or other savings they may have from grandparents, CD's or other. I encourage my families to to use the Net Price Calculator (NPC) on each college's website to get an estimate of how much that college will cost. Every family is expected to contribute something. The NPC lists the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC). Pursue scholarships. Any amount of savings and scholarship money

can help reduce the amount of loans needed. With careful planning, college costs can be reduced.

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