Ways to show proficiency in a foreign language for the UC's

The UC's require 2 years of a foreign language in high school but did you know there other ways to meet this requirement? Following are additional methods of documenting proficiency in a language other than English. Details can be found here on page 14; http://admission.universityofcalifornia.edu/counselors/files/quick-reference-2017.pdf

Formal schooling in a language other than English; Students who have been educated through the sixth-grade level or higher in a school where a language other than English was used as the medium of instruction have met the requirement.

Assessment by a test or university: Earning a satisfactory score on an SAT Subject, AP or IB exam or a proficiency test administered by a UC campus or other university can demonstrate a student’s proficiency in a language other than English. Most language departments at colleges/ universities will conduct an assessment and issue a statement of competency on official letterhead serving as certification

Certification by high school principal See A-G Guide: ucop.edu/agguide/ getting-started/options; scroll to bottom of the page: In cases where the options above are not available, certification by the high school principal is acceptable.

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