Accept your offer at a UC

Accepting a freshman or transfer admission offer:

Students accept an admission offer by agreeing to and meeting the provisions/conditions outlined in the offer and submitting their Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) with the SIR deposit to reserve their space at a campus. The SIR deposit is $250. Some important things to keep in mind about accepting a UC admission offer: 1. SIR Deadlines: The SIR deadline for freshmanapplicants is May 1. The SIR deadline for transferapplicants is June 1. 2. For students who received an application fee waiver, the SIR deposit may be deferred until financial aid is disbursed. 3. The SIR deposit is nonrefundable and non-transferable. Admitted students cannot submit a SIR to more than one UC campus. If an applicant changes his or her mind regarding which UC campus to attend prior to the SIR deadline or accepts a waitlist offer from another UC campus, the original SIR deposit is not transferable between UC campuses. The previous deposit is forfeited and a new deposit must be submitted. 4. Some UC campuses may require the student to attend an Orientation. Orientation is valuable to your student's successful matriculation and can be a great opportunity to make new friends! Students should review orientation options early to secure a date that best meets their schedule. 5. Students may be required to submit a Statement of Legal Residence (SLR). The SLR is used to determine a student's classification as a resident or non-resident for tuition purposes.

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