Harvard Rescinds Applications

In light of Harvard's recent decision to rescind 10 student's application acceptances, the importance of social media has been pushed to the forefront. College applicant's are under scrutiny and keeping their Facebook, Instagram and all other social sights free from derogatory comments, inappropriate pictures and discrimination should be of utmost importance.

Luvvie Ajayi article in the NY Times (https://www.nytimes.com/2017/06/07/opinion/how-to-keep-your-college-admission-offer-start-with-digital-literacy.html?ref=opinion) states: "In my workshops for young adults, the most important thing I emphasize is that anything posted online, no matter how private they think it is, is permanent. I tell them how they can avoid pitfalls and big mistakes, while still staying true to themselves. I am in a great position to do that, as I make my living as a cultural critic who doesn’t shy away from speaking up and out. You do not have to be an incredibly sanitized or boring version of yourself online, I tell them. You can still show the most colorful, funny side of who you are, without embarrassing your family’s good name. But if you wouldn’t want something you posted to end up on a jumbotron in Times Square, DO NOT POST IT".

Good advice for those wanting to retain their college acceptances in a digital world

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