"Mrs. Wright provides a wonderful service and very valuable insight into the college decision process. Very happy to have had her by my side!" - C.G. - UC Davis

"I have had a great experience with this company. I have gotten into a college and I am happy with the help I have received." - B.V. - Colorado State University

"Jeanette, I committed to Berkeley yesterday! Thank you for all your help in getting me where I want to be!" - J.P. - Berkeley

"Thank you so much Jeanette! You were such a great help to me. All the reminders helped keep me on track!" - J.K.

"Thank you so much Jeanette!!!!! You were so helpful throughout the entire process and you were a huge asset for me!" - C.A.

"Thanks for your advice and guidance in getting into college! You were a lot of help!" - Ellyn, Boulder

"Thank you so much! Your advice and thoughts on the process were extremely helpful! You put me at ease by answering my questions and reviewing my applications." - Lindsey, LMU

"Thank you so much for helping me throughout my college journey. I couldn't be more grateful." - M.S. UCSD 

Our students have been accepted to a variety of colleges and universities! These include:

Cornell University                                                                Dartmouth College                           San Francisco State University                                     

Purdue University                                                                Elon University                                  Boston University 

University of California Davis                                             Pepperdine University                     Portland State University

University of California Santa Barbara                             Occidental College                            Tulane University

University of California Irvine                                             San Diego State University              Carleton College

University of California San Diego                                     Santa Clara University                      Northeastern University

University of California Los Angeles                                  University of Washington                University of Michigan

University of California Berkeley                                        Reed College                                      Western Washington University 

University of Denver                                                             Colorado School of Mines               Washington State University

University of Southern California                                       Oregon State University                   University of North Carolina Chapel Hill                 

 University of Colorado Boulder                                         Long Island University                      University of Virginia                    

Chapman University                                                             Colorado State University                Southern Methodist University

Purdue University                                                                  Baylor University                              Creighton University 

St Louis University                                                                 University of Washington                Syracuse University